Saturday, February 13, 2016

Life Is Very Short, & There's No Time for Fussing & Fighting My Friend (We Can Work It Out)

Deb and I were shopping and spending a fabulous weekend together in Utah.  Long over due weekend of laughing, eating, and making u-turns to find the next sale!   We walked into Rod Works, a cute little boutique store with fabulous home decor, and we both at the exact time laid our eyes on this sign.   We love a good Beatles song "We Can Work It Out", and saw this verse on this beautiful piece of wood.   We both ended up buying the sign, but not until after I left Utah!  Deb raced to Rod Works on Monday and bought one for each of us!  

I will forever treasure this sign, reflect on it's meaning, and remember the wonderful whirlwind weekend Deb and I had together!

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