Saturday, June 23, 2012

Garden Gazing Ball with Mini-Lights

My inspiration gazing ball was found in Florida (the mecca of cool garden lighting  and up green lights on palm trees).   I went into one of my favorite garden shops Palm Harbor and found a simple gazing ball they stuffed with white Christmas lights.  $40.   I knew I could make my own once I got home.

I bought the gazing ball at Lowe's for $19 (blue ones in 2012, and my fav amber ball I found in 2011 sadly it broke last spring).  I took the cap off of the gazing ball, threaded 100 white lights into the ball, plugged it into an extension cord, plopped it on a plant stand in my flower bed, and once it got dark, I had a beautiful glowing gazing ball in my garden!   Several friends have done the same and love their gazing balls as much I do mine!  Make sure the gazing ball is not opaque, and clear somewhat to let the white lights shine through.

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