Tuesday, August 20, 2013

My Anti Bucket List

Bucket Lists are everywhere.  Here is a list of things I'll never do.    There are some things I DO want to do but here is what comes to mind of things I DON'T want to do. 
  • I Will Never Go On A Cruise.    It's not a vacation when I am stuck with 3,000 people in a small space where I can't see land.  Ick.
  • I Will Never Run a Marathon.   I am happy for my daughter and my husband who have both completed many marathons.  I am good at taking pictures at the start line, and again at the finish line.  I feel great, while they are throwing up.
  • I Will Never Donate Blood.   The needle is too big.  And I have a weak stomach.  But I am glad others donate.
  • I Will Never Own a Bird.   Birds are too unpredictable with ugly pointed beaks.  They flap around and scare me.  If I ring your doorbell, and see a bird sitting on the back of your chair, I will run in the opposite direction.
  • I Will Never Wear Pointed High Heels.   Been there, done that, and my feet still hurt.
  • I Will Never Jump Out of  Plane.    My brother-in-law died in a skydiving accident.  Enough said.
  • I Will Never Get a Tattoo.   I think tattoos are very artful, beautiful, and expressive BUT how I feel today about a quote, flower, or dragon may not be the same as I feel in 10 years.  I wore neon green earrings with matching socks in the 80's, and thankfully, have donated those years ago, and they are NOT a permanent part of my life now. 
I could add more later to this Anti-Bucket List as age related wisdom takes over my brain.   I am not afraid to share this and I have no fear that I won't be a whole person by making this declaration!

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